Why I Founded Neurogene

Rachel McMinn, Ph.D.
Rachel McMinn, Ph.D.
Founder and Chief Executive Officer

“My older brother lives with an undiagnosed rare neurological disease. I have witnessed firsthand, initially as a sibling and then into my adult life, the devastating impact his condition has had on my entire family. His condition inspired a profound sense of purpose and responsibility in me to want to make the world a better place for other people and families living with similar challenges.

I dedicated my early life to science, studying chemistry in college, completing a Ph.D. in chemistry and molecular biology, and accepting a post-doctoral fellowship in cell and molecular biology. I then spent the next 13 years as a Wall Street biotechnology equity analyst, learning about cutting edge science, its application to develop transformative medicines, and the recipes for company failures and successes.

I left my Wall Street career in order to learn how to directly apply my scientific and analytical skills in advancing treatments to patients. I took on the role of Chief Business and Strategy Officer at Intercept Pharmaceuticals, and spent several years gaining leadership and operational experience. However, when gene therapy began to show that life-altering improvements for patients with genetic diseases was possible, it was a crystalizing moment when I knew I needed to be part of this genetic medicine revolution, and it provided the catalyst for me to found Neurogene in 2018.”


Patient Advocacy & Engagement at Neurogene

Our Approach

A foundational principle of our work is to integrate the perspective of the rare patient community into everything we do.

We consider patients and families to be experts. Their unique insights help us better understand how a rare disease truly impacts patients and their families.
We listen to patients and families and incorporate their perspective throughout the research and development process.
Patients and families are at the core of our work. We recognize and honor that it is their contributions that make scientific advances possible. We strive to support them throughout their participation in clinical research.

Clinical Programs and Resources

Neurogene’s commitment to patients and families affected by severe neurological diseases goes beyond the science; we want to raise awareness and connect the rare disease communities to resources and support that can help guide their journey.

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